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Regional Cancer Center

Swedish American Hospital

Arc Design Resources is pleased to have been a part of the design team for the LEED Certified Regional Cancer Center, located in Rockford along Interstate 90, for Swedish American Health System (SAHS) in collaboration with University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center.

The site planning for the project focused on the need to be sensitive to the cancer patients that would be using the facility after it opened. Therefore, features such as user-friendly drop off, landscape screening, paths for wellness, seating areas for private calming outdoor spaces were all planned.

The owner also wanted to make a bold statement with this facility. The view from the Interstate is dominated by a large pond with water fountain that also acts as storm water detention and is replenished by clean roof rainwater to maintain level. An outdoor healing garden area for those patients in treatment was included for rest, meditation and reflection.

The facility opened in spring of 2013 with significant fanfare from the local community, but quickly transitioned to the serious business of cancer treatment and care.

Services Provided

  • Institutional Planning
  • ALTA & Platting
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Hydrologic Modeling
  • Construction Layout
  • 3D Machine Control Programming
  • Construction Administration

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