Arc Design Resources is a state of the art land planning and design firm.

We offer a wide range of services to efficiently take your project from concept through construction. Scroll down to explore the details of our most common services. Feel free to contact us regarding services tailored for your specific engineering or land surveying challenge.

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It is our goal to see your business thrive. We will help you navigate the unique challenges that every industrial development must hurdle and, in turn, mitigate your risks for cost overruns and delays.

Whether you need help with a single permit or are exploring plant expansion, we can help from start to finish. From warehouses to manufacturing facilities and laboratories we take the time to understand your process in order to present your solution. We will help you navigate the unique challenges that every industrial project must hurdle and mitigate your risks for cost overruns and delays. We care enough to understand your process to ensure it is fully incorporated in the design.

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From corner stores to national retailers, Arc Design Resources has the collective experience to bring you a successful project that makes a lasting impact.

We offer site development and project management services such as conceptual planning, due diligence investigations, zoning assistance and representation, permitting, preparation of ALTA surveys, sound studies, traffic studies, off-site roadway improvements, construction plans, pavement rehabilitation services, parking, storm water management plans, and many others. Additionally, we have extensive experience working with real estate and legal professionals as part of the project team and will use that experience to be your advocate in meetings and negotiations.

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Education is one of the pillars of a modernized society. Helping our students achieve greatness requires providing educational facilities that are accessible, affordable, adaptable and safe.

At Arc Design Resources, relationship building is at the core of our business. Long relationships with local, state and governmental agencies make efficient design and procurement possible. The scope of our work within the education market includes services such as adapting new or existing sites to current guidelines for student safety, developing student drop-off zones, designing athletic facilities, integration with the surrounding neighborhood, parking lot design, utility and rainwater management, and much more.

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Throughout our 20+ years working in this specific field, we have built relationships with department heads, key community partners, regulatory committees, and local and state agencies to ensure projects are completed in a thorough and efficient manner.

We provide full-service solutions unique to the healthcare market, such as: site reconnaissance, program planning, land planning, due diligence, zoning assistance and representation, permitting, site and utility needs for ease of plant operation, patient access, maintenance, and many others. We also have extensive experience working with real estate and legal professionals.

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Housing markets may vary, but when it comes to planning new residential developments or assisted living facilities, the need for reliable land surveying, civil engineering, design, and construction services do not.

We provide full-service solutions for your development, such as: conceptual planning, coordination with local approval agencies, representation at public meetings, permitting, land planning, platting, traffic analyses, entitlement support, street and utility design, drainage and flood plain analysis, and construction layout and observation services.

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How do you increase capacity of existing infrastructure with a shrinking budget?

Arc Design is at the forefront of emerging technologies and methodologies that seek to increase infrastructure life cycle, thereby reducing costs. Schedules, budgets and neighborhood development receive the same rigorous attention to detail as usability, capacity and functionality issues.

Whether private or public, roadway rehabilitation or new construction, we provide a full-spectrum of services designed to expedite the approval process and balance your interests with the overall needs of the community.

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Recreational spaces are valuable assets to any community. Whether natural or manmade, these spaces are places for gathering and community, entertainment and play, observation and learning.

Our team of professional project managers, land surveyors, engineers, designers, and technicians bring extensive experience with site design, planning, project representation, and award-winning consulting services to these projects to be the best stewards of local taxpayer dollars. It is our desire to see communities flourish. Our team works diligently on each project, so residents have access to spaces that enrich their lives.

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Whatever your needs might be—refinancing, property transfers or sales—we stand ready to provide responsive, quality land surveying services.

Our experienced team will help you determine your actual surveying requirements from the latest ALTA/ASTM standards and local statutes. We will provide you with the documentation you need at the best value. Our surveying and mapping services use up to date global positioning system equipment and advanced imaging to provide comprehensive base mapping for planning and design.

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Arc Design Resources is able to offer competent, responsive construction observation and management services.

We help ensure that projects are completed in accordance with the design intent and approved construction plans. We use the latest land surveying technology, including 3D reality capture, to track progress and compliance. When you call, we answer.

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