Arc Design Resources has immediate job oportunities for qualified Survey Mapping Technicians, Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers. Please visit our careers page for more information.

We understand that any civil engineering or land surveying problem must be clearly defined. Since we build relationships as well as projects, taking time to listen to your goals, budget, and schedule with a project is very important. We work to fully comprehend your situation in order to deliver a solution that fits your goal, schedule and budget. We listen.

While, as civil engineers and land surveyors, we like to think we know everything, the best projects arise from collaboration with your staff, other professionals, contractors, and review agencies. Long-term relationships in the region provide access to additional experience that brings refinement to the solutions you need. Collaboration provides good results.

Finally, with a clear understanding and experienced input, we solve your problems. Step by step problem solving, clear construction document preparation, and continued support during construction are hallmarks of our solutions. The quality of our plans is borne out by the ease of construction by your contractor. Our references show that the regional construction teams are happy to see us on the job. Your problems are solved.

Arc Design Resources’ mission is to provide our clients quality and responsive civil engineering consulting services that allow them to excel at their core businesses. We are guided by the principles of trust, honor and integrity and offer meaningful career opportunities to a diverse group of professionals.

At Arc Design Resources, we thrive on building valuable relationships with our clients. We understand that in this challenging economic environment, you need quick, educated answers to make sound decisions.

The integrity of our word and our work is of highest importance to us. We strive every day to create documents that are value-based and provide clear direction to the contractor building your project.

Our people are committed to each other for the success of the team. Our organizational structure is based on a team concept, with each project manager in charge of a support staff of engineers, designers, and technicians to expedite project completion.

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We offer plenary and tailored solutions to fit the land development needs of our clients. We have the internal capability and necessary civil engineer and land surveyor registrations to readily service an area within 250 miles of our Rockford, IL home. Further, we have have established collaborative relationships with hundreds of local and state agencies toward successful completion of land development projects across the Midwest.

We are expanding in order to ensure complete engineering solutions for our clients. We stand poised to broaden our territorial influence in order to forge new relationships and reveal new solutions wherever our clients may have for our professional services. We are members of National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to ensure maximum professional reciprocity.

Arc Design Resources is proud to claim reciprocal, professional relationships with the following businesses and organizations:

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