Sanitary Sewer Collection & Treatment


Sometimes a project location has overwhelming advantages due to highway access, rail access, or remote natural beauty. When land falls outside of a Facilities Planning Area or municipal boundaries, wastewater collection and treatment is a challenge. Our team has worked through the challenging process of providing this service in rural areas. From sanitary pump stations for remote Interstate Highway rest areas, to university extension campuses, to rural air park communities, our team has provided lasting solutions for waste water collection and treatment. Our team has designed large and small pump stations, package treatment plants and aerated lagoon systems.

The permitting process for these systems can be expensive and long in duration. Our staff has a good working relationship with local and state regulators on these systems to help you secure permit. Many non-engineering elements, such as public relations, permits, project financing, and easement acquisitions round out our typical scope of services for sewer systems.

We have worked with the Departments of Natural Resources of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, as well as the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. We are also experienced with the regulations of sanitary districts such as the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC), Rock River Water Reclamation District (RRWRD), Fox River Water Reclamation District, Fox Metro Water Reclamation District, Thorn Creek Basin, and many other local agencies.

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