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Many of our traffic projects are the prelude to the preparation of full construction plans. Arc Design Resources has successfully designed and implemented many roadway design and rehabilitation projects in the northern Illinois area working for both public and private entities. A typical scope for a project may include a variety of tasks including: topographic survey of existing conditions, storm sewer and other public utility design, box culvert design, construction staging plans, pavement marking and signage plans, and restoration and erosion control.

How do you increase capacity of existing infrastructure with a shrinking budget? One emerging solution has been the development of the modern roundabout as an alternative to tradition intersection improvements. Arc Design Resources has been at the forefront of this work in the Rockford Area by providing the design analysis and construction plans for the first modern roundabout to be constructed within Winnebago County. The Winnebago County Highway Department came to Arc Design Resources to provide the necessary design for a roundabout at the northern terminal of a county highway extension. The project was opened to the public in early 2008 as the first of its kind within the Rockford Area.

Additionally, other states are more progressive in their support of this type of traffic control as an alternative to traffic signals. Access permit-related work in Wisconsin requires the analysis of roundabout solutions with all traffic impact analysis studies. This requirement led to our design of a triple roundabout in Sheboygan, Wisconsin that saved our client the need to widen an existing state highway from four lanes to 6 lanes as well as saved the costs to reconstruct existing bridges across the adjacent interstate highway.

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