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Civil Engineering Project Management

Arc Design Resources is a Rockford, Illinois based civil engineering firm that can help you manage the areas of focus within civil engineering project management: scoping, approval, entitlement, contracting, and documentation. These topics are all part of any project management position, but have unique aspects in civil engineering. Whether your project is publicly or privately funded, Arc Design Resources recognizes that the project budget is tight. In addition to financial constraints, political pressure and the profile of a project can often impact the overall project plan and support.

Procurement of agency support, contracting of construction firms and professional staff, and documenting development progress is a complex, multi-stage process for any large project. In civil engineering project management, additional steps are required. There are often specific requirements included in the funding agreement surrounding the permitting process, licensing, project scoping, contract negotiation, budgeting, financing, scheduling, contractor supervision, labor affiliation, purchasing, permitting, facilitation of contract change directives, construction documentation, and contract certification.

The diverse professional staff at Arc Design Resources offers comprehensive project management services to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget.

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