Floodplain Management

Floodplain Management Services

Despite popular land developer claims, we have proven that good site remain to be developed. Many open parcels in urban areas have some type of flood way, floodplain or floodway fringe which is regulated and provides for an impediment to the best and highest use of the real estate. Our design teams have helped investors turn these conditions into assets. Utilizing potential water features to allow for the relocation or consolidation of flood plain storage, storm water management and wetland enhancements can add long-term value to a site while simultaneously restoring natural habitat. We have built a team of local and regional experts in the fields of ecological and environmental services allowing us to collaborate with innovative and creative professionals. Coupled with our in-house expertise in flood plain modeling and engineering designs, you can be assured of a solution that meets your goals and controls for the powerful forces of nature on your property.

Floodplain permitting is highly regulated. In fact, financial institutions use the FEMA documents in determining the soundness of loan applications. Our team is equipped to help you secure these complicated permits through the detailed preparation engineering modeling and analysis. Wetland permitting and water quality certifications are necessary when altering the flood plain. The joint permit application process guides the investor through the Corps of Engineers, the Department of Natural Resources and the State Environmental Protection Agency. These agencies work to protect the floodplain storage and water quality as a result of modifications to the natural drainage ways.

An abbreviated list of regulatory agencies with which we have direct floodplain management experience:

  • United States Army Corps of Engineers, USACE
  • Departments of Natural Resources, IL, IA, WI, MI, MO, IN
  • Environmental Protection Agency, IL
  • Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Winnebago
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA
  • Department of Transportation, IL, IA, WI

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