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Alpine Road Reconstruction

City of Loves Park

Alpine Road was constructed as a state funded highway project through the City of Loves Park in the mid 1970’s. Over the lifespan of the roadway the city kept up with patching and maintenance until the early 2000’s. Eventually the patching needs became too much for the city and the road quickly deteriorated starting about 15 years ago. Since Alpine Road is one of the main thoroughfares through the City of Loves Park, connecting to Rockford on the south and Machesney Park on the north, the poor condition of the road was an eyesore and hindrance to development. In fact, traffic counts began decreasing starting in 2004 as people avoided the condition of the road, hence local businesses suffered.

In 2014, the city’s residents passed a 10-year sales tax increase to fund roadway projects with the city leaders promising that Alpine Road would be first on the list. Over the course of three construction seasons, the roadway was completely reconstructed. Each phase was limited to a reasonable segment that could be started and finished in one construction season. The total length of the project was 2.3 miles and included work on major side roads as part of the project.

A complete reconstruction was performed using full depth HMA pavement. The storm sewer system was completely redesigned to accommodate the current city requirements of a 25-year storm capacity. Other work included the replacement of four signalized intersections and partnering with the county for a bridge deck repair within the project limits as well as partnering with Rock River Water Reclamation District for sanitary repairs and North Park Water District for water main system repairs. The capacity of the road was maintained except for the addition of left turn lanes at one major side road (Windsor Road) and the introduction of a dual left turn lane at Harlem Road to increase capacity and improve stacking and traffic flow. The center concrete median was largely removed and replaced with a bi-directional turn lane for most of the project.

The viability of local businesses and the effect on schools was considered as construction phasing was planned for the entire project. Loves Park, local businesses and commuters all benefited from careful construction phase planning and now reap the benefits of well maintained infrastructure.

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Community Planning
  • ALTA & Platting
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Construction Layout
  • Construction Administration

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