Phone List

Office(815) 484-4300
Fax(815) 484-4303
Surveying | Staking(815) 484-4300Ext 238
Accounting(815) 484-4300Ext 215
Joe Altenhoff, PE(815) 484-4300Ext 214
Bill Clasen(815) 484-4300Ext 224
Tom Finley, EIT(815) 484-4300Ext 210
Mike Gerberick, PLS(815) 484-4300Ext 236
Andrew Hess, PE(815) 484-4300Ext 211
Dean Holeton(815) 484-4300Ext 225
Jeff Linkenheld, PE(815) 484-4300Ext 219
Sheila Scharfenberg(815) 484-4300Ext 215
Ryan Shaulis(815) 484-4300Ext 213
Lee Sprecher, PLS(815) 484-4300Ext 238
Jason Stone, PE, LEED(815) 484-4300Ext 252
Ryan Swanson, PE(815) 484-4300Ext 217
Matt Trosper(815) 484-4300Ext 212

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